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What We Conservatives Believe In


The political label most frequently associated with conservatives today is “extreme radical right wingers”.  We are compared to Nazis, but if the name-callers were at all intelligent, they would realize that Nazis are really leftists. Nazi is an abbreviation for National Socialist German Workers Party. Fascists are also leftists because they believe the state is all-powerful and are uncompromising in their ideology.

I like many others in this country believe in the following: God, our spouses (if you have one), country, guns, small government, and personal responsibility. We believe that churches should help take care of the elderly, widows, and the orphans, as commanded by the Word of God. We believe that our rights come from our Creator, NOT  government! We believe in the rule of LAW, not the rule of men. We believe in LIMITED government, not a nanny state. We believe in absolute MINIMAL intrusion into the personal lives of our citizens. We believe in free and FAIR markets and enterprise. We believe in a tax code that is fair and equitable for EVERYONE. We believe that questions of moral conduct are for churches to decide, NOT the government!

We believe that education should be controlled at the STATE level. The control of the curriculum, salaries, and personnel are best handled by the people who are closest to the situation: the parents and taxpayers. We believe that local taxpayers and their representatives (school board members, city,  county commissioners, and county executives) are better equipped to deal with local problems than bureaucrats in faraway Washington D.C. We believe that teachers should be rewarded based on performance, NOT seniority!

We conservatives believe in minimal, necessary regulations for business and industry. We do not believe in “corporate welfare”. We believe in enforcing our immigration laws for EVERYONE. We do not believe in sanctuary cities or harboring law breakers of any kind unless it involves political asylum. We believe in secure and protected borders. We believe in backing up our border patrol agents with all the resources necessary to maintain a safe and secure border.

We conservatives do believe in people running for higher office PROVING their eligibility BEFORE they are allowed to enter elections in which individuals are given high security clearances. We believe in our elected officials following the laws that they enact, such as presenting a budget EVERY year. (Can you hear me, Harry Reid?) We believe in term limits for all elected officials. We believe in the impeachment process to get rid of officials, judges included, who decide to put themselves above the law or exceed the power of their office.

Lastly, we believe that our Creator has a prominent and distinguished place in our country, and those offended by His presence are free to move elsewhere (but should NOT be given the right to decide for the majority in this country.) We demand that our military and the defense of this country and our allies remain a PRIORITY for the government. We demand that our Constitution, and all legally ratified amendments, be respected and adhered to when legislation is proposed.

Conservatives are God fearing, country- and gun-loving citizens who are charitable, rational citizens of the greatest country on earth. Unlike our loudest detractors, we respect our fellow citizens, our rights, and our liberties. We believe in EQUAL opportunities, NOT equal outcomes. We believe in morality, NOT moral relativism! In other words, our ideology is becoming the mainstream of thought. America’s decline is because of “PROGRESSIVE” thinking and ideology. It’s time we went back to what worked for this country, despite what the President says about going backwards. There are a lot of other reasons for a lot of citizens becoming more conservative every day, and I probably missed a whole bunch, but they are just as important as those that I mentioned. I will debate my positions with anyone, anytime, and with an open mind. Being on the “right” side of an argument is always a winning position. Adeiu.

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