What the IRS Will Rely on in Dealing with Media Matters


Interviews with current and former IRS officials outline a roadmap of the tax laws the agency would use in deciding whether to pull the nonprofit Media Matters’ tax-exempt status for stepping beyond its charitable mission of educating the public on conservative “misinformation.”

In a formal petition filed with the IRS on July 27, President George H.W. Bush’s former White House counsel, C. Boyden Gray, has asked the IRS to revoke the nonprofit’s tax-exempt status because its “unlawful conduct” is in “violation” of U.S. tax law, due to its moves to “sabotage” the commercial interests of FOX News and News Corp., its parent, among other things.

(The full petition can be read below.)

Such activities are not found in the scope of nonprofit tax law, former IRS officials and tax lawyers tell FOX Business, which is the sister network of FOX News.

Media Matters did not respond to repeated phone calls and emails over a month-long period asking for comment. Gray tells FOX Business he filed the request “pro bono” and is not on News Corp.’s payroll.

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