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The nation’s economy is worse off under Obama than under Bush for yet another month, according to an objective mathematical measurement of the nation’s economic indicators released Monday by Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas 36.)

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The economy continues to fail to recover under Obama as June’s Obama Failometer Score remains stuck at an astonishing 1,166.

“Not only is there no economic recovery for yet another month under Obama, things are getting worse for black Americans,” said Stockman. “It’s like Jimmy Carter swapped his sweater for mom jeans. While past economic recoveries have been roars, this is a sickly wheeze.”

The Obama Failometer uses a fixed mathematical score to calculate four economic indicators from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figures from the monthly reports are weighted to provide a balanced total score, which ranges from zero to 1,000. A score of 0 represent economic stability and racial equality. The higher the score, the deeper the economic failure.

Obama can set the Failometer to zero simply by outperforming Bush on the economy and fulfilling his 2008 and 2012 campaign promises to help blacks and Hispanics gain economically.

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So far, Obama is worse than Bush.

Since its creation Obama has failed to generate a Failometer score that can be contained within the chart’s range of zero to 1000.

The Obama Failometer Score was originally displayed on a ten-foot-long billboard displayed in the hallways of the Capitol’s Cannon House Office building. House officials ordered it torn down in January after Democrats complained.

Here is how the Obama Failometer Score is calculated:


Monthly jobs created: The Hamilton Project, a liberal economic policy group, stated last year the economy must create 321,000 jobs a month in order to return the economy to pre-recession employment levels by December 2016, the end of Obama’s term.

As the economy continues to flounder under Obama that number grows, but the Obama Failometer will continue to use it, which gives him some statistical relief.

Obama promised to not only restore the economy to where it was under Bush, but grow it. So far Obama has failed to even perform as well as Bush.

This Obama Failometer score portion is calculated by subtracting the number of jobs created in the previous month from the 321,000 jobs claimed necessary by the liberal Hamilton Project and dividing by 1,000 to balance it against other factors.

The BLS reports the economy created 175,000 jobs in April, 146,000 fewer than needed to restore the economy. This portion of the Obama Failometer Score is 146.

Civilian labor force participation rate: The civilian labor force participation rate, the ratio between those 16 and over in the labor force against the national population of those 16 and over, is an important measure of economic health. After puttering along during the Bush administration, including through the “Bush years” of the recession, under Obama it has plunged sharply.

This Obama Failometer score portion is calculated by subtracting the monthly civilian labor force participation rate from the average Bush administration rate and multiplying by 100 to balance it against other factors. According to data from the BLS, under Bush the average monthly civilian labor force participation rate was around 66.2 percent.

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