Barack Obama speech 7 SC

I’ve been asked the question dozens and dozens of times recently: “What if Obama is ineligible, then what? What would it mean for the country? Could the nation withstand the shock and the upheaval of unseating the first black president?”

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What the questioners are talking about is not the constitutional procedure for removing an ineligible president from office. They are talking instead about the real-world ramifications. Often, there is the suggestion that there would be race riots in major cities.

When I first encountered this question, I dismissed it as irrelevant, speculative, placing the cart before the horse.

But the more I run into it, the more I realize this nagging thought might indeed be the root of much of the resistance to a full examination of the facts.

I don’t know what would happen across America if Obama were to be found ineligible.

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I don’t know, and, in a sense, I don’t really care.

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