What Hockenberry’s Taliban comments reveal about NPR


On NPR’s The Takeaway this morning, host John Hockenberry claimed that although the Taliban doesn’t “love” America, the organization “has never been an enemy of the United States” because “they’re not sending planes over to New York or to the Pentagon.”
This is rewriting history, and NPR should not have let this statement go unchallenged.

Al Qaeda was able to carry out the September 11 attacks (along with many others) because the Taliban gave Al Qaeda a safe haven to plan and plot those attacks. The Taliban didn’t passively allow bin Laden to enter and remain in Afghanistan. Mullah Omar, driven by ideological sympathies and financial incentives, actively aided and supported Al Qaeda and gave the terrorist group free reign in Afghanistan.

Who can forget the images of Al Qaeda’s terror camps, where militants were trained to murder innocent men, women, and children?

What about the Al Qaeda weapons factories that were built without objection from the Taliban? And what about the crude biological weapons that Al Qaeda was able to test in its sanctuary state of Afghanistan?

No one thought Al Qaeda was using its territory in Afghanistan to build campfires and sing kumbaya. The Taliban knew that Al Qaeda was plotting and planning terrorist attacks against the United States, and the Taliban actively encouraged and supported Al Qaeda’s efforts.

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