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What fifty years of liberalism has brought


“Detroit is America’s most violent city.” “Detroit’s homicide rate is the highest in the country.” “Detroit’s Police Department is grossly understaffed.” These are the opening lines of a warning from the Motor City’s Police Union advising people that for their own safety, they should stay away from Detroit. The declaration goes on to say that DPD officers are required to work 12 hour shifts, TWELEVE HOUR SHIFTS! Imagine how exhausting it would be to work at ANY job for 12 straight hours, finish up, and look forward to coming back ½ a day later for 12 more hours!

DPD cops are the lowest-paid police officers of any big city in the country and make far less than many cops in surrounding towns.  Working from the street level, the cops know that liberalism has destroyed one of America’s once great cities.

How did this happen?

Detroit is the crown jewel of liberalism’s tiara of failure. It has been run by Democrats for so long that few even remember the last time a Republican was mayor.

As far back as February 2010, Barack Obama entered into discussions with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to facilitate the process of physically tearing down large sections of Detroit. Democrats are prone to say that a job is too big for one man when that one man is a Democrat. Haven’t we heard “He did better than anyone else could have” as an excuse for Obama’s failures?

The Democrats have admitted that fifty years of their rule has left Detroit flat on its back and gasping for air. Since the “wrecking ball” option was selected, the Democrats have feasted on its carcass and devoured anything of value they could get their hands on. But they haven’t mustered the guts to start the actual process; they are just letting nature reclaim her territory.

Nevertheless, Detroit’s cops know that their city is wiggling in its death throes. They are doing the honorable thing by warning the public to stay away as the Motor City fades to black.

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