“What Else Should a Reporter Be But a Liberal”


By Warner Todd Huston, RedState.Com

So what do you get when you mix a Canadian TV hostess with the venerable Helen Thomas? An admission of bias so strong that it could ward off a vampire. Just why the image of the undead first came to my mind is anybody’s guess, but there you have it.

On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation morning TV interview show called “Sun Day,” Thomas was interviewed on how she felt about presidents past, present what was to be future with the Obama inauguration still then days away. She was also quizzed on her profession in which Thomas claimed only liberals should be engaged. And that isn’t all. She also said that conservatives are neither thinking nor caring people.

Like most of her ilk and her era, she felt John F. Kennedy was “the best” president. It has always been a bit ridiculous to rank JFK as a great president, though. With his scant 2 years in office he didn’t really have the time to affect the policies and government of the nation in a way that might find him placed among the greats. It can be said, however, that he greatly affected the members of the media that adored him, covered for him, and elevated him to near Godhood. To folks like Thomas, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the greatest despite his small number of accomplishments as president.

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