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What Does the NAACP Want Now?


Unable to relive the glory days when a well-placed cry of RAAAAACISM would guarantee a week of rioting and an all-out sprint by sympathetic media hacks into the eager arms of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the NAACP has taken its whine business to a more receptive audience.

Appearing in Geneva before the United Nations Human Rights Council, the NAACP wants the organization to investigate the proposed Texas voter ID law and others already in force as the Association contends the legislation disenfranchises minorities throughout the US.

And what a stately group the NAACP has chosen to hear its grievances against a free nation as the Council includes such liberty loving icons as Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.  Some are nations which either have no elections, don’t permit females to vote or run more crooked polling adventures than Chicago ever dreamed of. By the way, Council member Mexico already HAS a voter ID law, one of the most strictly enforced in the world. Now isn’t THAT a kick!

But come to think of it, what could the NAACP possibly have to complain about? After all, in the person of Eric Holder the group already has one of its own doing everything in his power to guarantee the ability of “his people” and any interested party to commit voter fraud as often as he likes! Hasn’t Eric’s Department of Justice turned down or filed suit nationwide against the implementation of laws which dare demand that voters actually be who they say they are? How could any UN proposal be more satisfying to the NAACP than a record like that!

Moreover, given their “hard fought” victory in the Black Panther case, NAACP surrogates have been awarded the right to prevent declared enemies and opponents from voting by pretty much any means they wish; something which the UN obviously approves across the globe given the makeup of the Council itself.

Naturally the NAACP finds no fault in any of this. Rather, their chief complaint seems to be that States–and the taxpaying residents who pay the tab for the 30 or 40 million illegals who have invaded their borders–have finally decided that elections which allow only American citizens to pull the lever might be a pretty good idea for a change.

And that could pose a serious problem for a Democrat Party which has come to depend as much upon Mexicans as Americans for the votes necessary to continue their political and economic destruction of the United States. No wonder the NAACP considers it all so unfair. After all, preventing illegals, felons and those who vote early and often from plying their trade could actually result in a DC crowd which might eventually find redistribution of wealth and the welfare state somewhat less than desirable!

So clearly, the NAACP must fight to keep voter fraud legal and widespread. Without it, the Association’s leaders might have to find legitimate gainful employment. And that would REALLY be something to whine about.

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