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What do Colorado Shooter James Holmes and Obama Staffer Alex Okrent Have in Common?


Bloggers have been noticing since the Colorado massacre that James Eagan Holmes lacks what is called a “digital footprint”—that is, when one does a normal Google search or even an advanced Google search (using date, filetype, special keywords, etc.) of James Holmes, James Eagan Holmes, or Jimmy Holmes, you get nothing on this individual prior to the shooting.

As anyone who has Googled their own name knows, anyone that walks the face of this Earth is found all over the Internet—schools they went to, clubs, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

Prior to the shooting, there is absolutely nothing about James Holmes. I personally spent about twelve hours doing extensive searches. Well known private investigator Bill Warner searched Social Security, credit rating, etc. databases and came up with nothing. One calls these kinds of results “off the grid.” Usually these relate to some guy in the middle of the desert living off of solar power, living in a bunker waiting for the end of the world, not a neuroscience Ph.D. grad student like Holmes.

Bill Warner’s theory is that he is part of the anarchist wing of the Occupy movement, the Black Bloc group—i.e., that anarchist tend to not have a digital footprint. Alex Jones over at Infowars thinks Holmes was under U.S. government mind control, and carried out the attack to bolster the Left’s call to sign the upcoming UN small arms treaty in order to disarm Americans.

Whatever the truth is, we are living in strange times.

Alex Okrent, the Obama staffer that came to the Obama campaign headquarters fine one minute and dead the next, like James Holmes, also does not have a digital footprint—with one exception: he has a Twitter account, oddly still active. No one has bothered to take it down, to which I keep wondering whether Okrent will tweet out something from beyond the grave.

But the oddity of Okrent’s Twitter account is that he has been tweeting for three years—hundreds of tweets, and, despite the fact that the Obama campaign states that Okrent has been working for them for eight years, not one single tweet reflects this. There are a couple of tweets in support of Obama’s push for same-sex marriage. There are a couple tweets calling to donate to the Obama campaign, but in regards to being an employee of the Obama campaign, there is nothing, including his Twitter bio.

But, like James Holmes, aside from the Twitter account and one Obama for America blog post in 2008, Okrent is a ghost. After days of extensive online searches I found him on one website, although not through his name, but searching for his sister, Abby Okrent. Alex, his sister and mother, Lynn Pollack, are all on this clearinghouse website for individuals associated with anti-Israel groups.

I found his mother and sister extensively associated with socialist/anti-Israel front groups like Jewish Voice for Peace (connected to the group caught red-handed funneling millions of dollars to terrorists, Council on Islamic-American Relations, CAIR).

But we aren’t living in a total Orwellian world as yet, and hard-copy news still exists, thank God. Alex Okrent was found to have been associated with the socialist/anti-Israel front group ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), or rather through their associated International Action Center through an obscure Wesleyan University school newspaper article, where Okrent is identified as part of a group that literally stood up for the Taliban less than a month after 9/11, walking out of class in protest for the U.S. bombing of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Then per the Chicago Tribune on April 20-22, 2001, Okrent took part in a massive “anti-war” rally in Washington D.C., which was duplicated throughout the United States on a smaller scale within a several month period. These “anti-war” rallies (also organized by ANSWER) were masquerades for anti-Israel/pro-terrorist propaganda campaigns, and protesters openly held anti-Semitic signs, and the terrorist-connected CAIR, part of these “protests,” openly sought to delegitimize Israel, and, like Hitler, blame “Zionism” for the world’s problems.

Yet the point is, where are James Holmes and Alex Okrent’s digital footprints?

Is there some dark secret connecting Alex Okrent’s anti-Israel connections to Obama that put into action an army of Internet scrubbers? Was James Holmes, as Alex Jones at Infowars conjectures, under some kind of mind control, and was his online footprint also scrubbed?

Oddly in The Dark Knight Rises, the movie showing where James Holmes committed mass murder, the cat burglar character (a Cat Woman-inspired character) seeks from Batman/Bruce Wayne a device that will erase her past—her electronic past—specifically her rap sheet. To erase her digital footprint, so to speak. In the end she gets it.

Is this what happened with Okrent and Holmes? Is there some device that erases a person’s online footprint?


Perhaps not.


Let us know what you think!