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It makes a huge difference, and I will explain why. President Obama and most in his Administration would like us to believe that we are winning the war on terror. He has repeatedly told us during his campaign that “Osama Bin Laden is dead” and “Al Qaeda is on the run”. In order for the American people to believe this, they needed to make sure we were not attacked again, especially so close to the election. Unfortunately, we were. And four Americans were murdered, so something needed to be done to keep up the facade. They chose to fabricate a story about a video and some random protests to mislead the public and keep up the illusion that we are winning this war instead of having an open and honest discussion on what the real threat is.

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This is not only a military war; this is an ideological war that has been going on for centuries. The jihadists believe they are superior and want to bring back the caliphate. They are patient. They see no rush and honestly do not care if it takes hundreds of years to accomplish. They believe it is the will of Allah and will continue to attack us at home, abroad, and even by infiltrating our own government. In their own words, we are the “Great Satan”; so it really should come as no surprise that they would plan an attack. And it would be very foolish not to realize more are on the way.

This Administration refuses to recognize this threat and call it what it is. Instead, we have outed dictators by arming Islamic militants. We have bowed to the Muslim Brotherhood and groups like CAIR by changing our rules of engagement on the battlefield and rewriting handbooks to appease their needs. We have even put our enemies above our relationship with one of our strongest allies, Israel.

All of this matters because our national security is at risk. It matters because we were lied to. It matters because our government is being infiltrated by an ideology that is a clear and present danger to our way of life. It matters because there is an all-out attack on our freedom of speech. It matters because Americans died to save a campaign slogan. It matters because men and women are still in harm’s way and are giving their lives to keep the rest of us safe. And most of all, Madam Secretary, it matters because if we do not identify this enemy for what it is, we will lose in the end.

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

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