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“What Difference At This Point Does It Make?”


Hillary Clinton on the Hill

These chilling words were spoken by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while testifying in front of a Congressional Committee, seeking answers on the Benghazi terrorist attacks and murders of four American citizens.  Unfortunately, this vile woman has aspirations of running for President of the United States in 2016; and to some Americans, the prospect looks good.

This seems to be the tag line adopted by the Liberal Communists in our government. For instance, while Bill Clinton was having his fling in the oval office with Monica Lewinsky, America was told just about the same thing. We were told that whatever Bill did in private did not affect his performance as President.

Now please allow me to list some other examples of different things that have fallen off of the wire. First, the Fast and Furious scandal, of which we hardly hear a peep about any more. Second, the Solyndra scandal, where millions of American taxpayer dollars were dumped into Obama’s green energy fantasy and ended up in the hands of Democrat donors (not even a peep anymore.) Third, the two million dollar BP oil extortion fund that was designed by the Obama regime (nope, nothing to see here.) Fourth, the Obama stimulus package that was supposed to create shovel-ready jobs (in Obama’s own words while snickering, “I guess they weren’t so shovel ready”. ) Fifth, but not not last I’m sure, Obamacare with it’s many lies, fees, and other outrageous costs. Of course, according to Nancy Pelosi, the bill had to be passed in order to see what was in it.

My point here is this: because of this regime adopting this stance and the mainstream media becoming their propaganda arm (led by the chief propaganda minister, Jay Carney), America is dying a slow death at their hands. When guns, Freedom, and Liberty are gone, never to return, then all we as Americans will have left to say is: “What Difference At This Point WILL It Make?” As always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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