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Shocking: Obama Just Said Something About ISIS That Could Get Many Americans Killed

"Let me be very clear, ISIS heard all of this."


Unbelievable. Did President Obama just say what I think he said? Did our Commander-in-Chief basically admit that we don’t have a clue about combating the terror threat posed by ISIS?

In a hastily called news conference late Thursday, Obama conceded that “we don’t have a strategy yet to fight ISIS.” That’s worth repeating: ‘WE DON’T HAVE A STRATEGY YET TO FIGHT ISIS,” says the President of the United States, apparently without realizing he has waved both a white flag of surrender and a red flag of challenge to the fire-breathing bull that is the Islamic State.

Dressed like he was on his way to an end-of-summer garden party at the Great Gatsby’s estate, Obama stood before the gathered news media and admitted his incompetence.

The twitter eruption was immediate and unforgiving. Here are a few samples:

Knowing how Obama operates in times of crisis, he will no doubt hurry off to a fundraiser on some private golf course.


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