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What Catholics and Christians Ought to Consider Before They Vote


While it has been said about every election since 2000, this really is the most important election in our lives and the history of our nation. Americans will vote for or against the candidates for President for a variety of reasons. Catholics and like-minded Christians who will vote based strictly on economic reasons would do well by considering why they should make Christian values the ultimate factor in deciding how they will vote.

True Christianity requires you to yield and put your opinion aside in certain areas of life. Christian doctrine on fundamentals such as the sanctity of life and marriage are not negotiable in a conflict between Church doctrine and a true Christian’s “feelings.”

Reshaping and reinventing positions on the rectitude of aborting the life of an unborn child and/or the value of gay “marriage” is not acceptable for those who wish to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with their God and his Church.

Yielding one’s own “feelings and opinions” on these issues must be the guiding principle for how the genuine Christian ought to vote. Voting for a political party whose values are antithetical to the laws of God is a trap to avoid. It makes little difference that the candidates in a particular election will fill a minor post that is not concerned with abortion or marriage. If that candidate’s party is in open rebellion against God and his laws it is imperative that a genuine Christian not vote for anyone in that party.

Voting for a candidate that supports gay “marriage” and/or abortion on the grounds that he/she will do “so much more good in other areas” is an empty argument. It supposes that the moral fiber of a society is negotiable and not really important. Those who would trade our social fabric for a few dollars from pro-abortion and pro-gay “marriage” groups have shown a willingness to compromise with others whose aims are not in concert with those of a moral society.

The argument that one cannot be against abortion and for the death penalty holds no weight. It is based on the false premise that they are interchangeable, of which they are not. While the death penalty is certainly an evil practice it is not the same as killing an innocent child. The death penalty can be supported as a justifiable self-defense mechanism for a society; abortion cannot be so justified.

As the moral underpinnings of our nation continue to crumble, Catholics and like-minded Christians have an obligation to stand as one against the moral evils of abortion and same-sex “marriage.” Those who are truly concerned with the state of our nation cannot pick and choose which issues they will defend. This election is far too important to allow ourselves to fall into the moral trap of supporting anyone whose political party supports the manifest twin evils of abortion and gay “marriage.”

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