If you only listened to the media and Republican consultants during the days following the election, you would hear the following erroneous premises about the Hispanic vote and the issue of illegal immigration.

1) Our opposition to the circuitous cycle of amnesty and open borders is the sole reason why we are losing the Hispanic vote.

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2) Immediate and unconditional support for illegal immigrants will win us back those votes.

3) An aggressive campaign for their vote on social issues will not help win them over.

4) We would somehow be able to get to the left of Democrats on the issue without encouraging a bidding war (Democrats: “We’ll allow for chain migration of all your relatives.”)

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Aside for the fact that these assertions are far from being inviolable truths, there is one other point that has been overlooked throughout the entire post-election debate: the other 90% of the electorate.

Read More at madisonproject.com . By Daniel Horowitz.