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What About Antonio Santiago, Mr. Sharpton?



Antonio Santiago.

You may not remember his name, but you’ll recall the situation. Antonio was a beautiful 13-month-old boy, being pushed in a stroller by his mother in Brunswick, GA.

Antonio and his mother – Sherry West – had the terrible misfortune of coming upon two black youths, at least one of whom was armed and initially bent on robbery. One of them decided that whether he robbed or not, shooting Antonio would be a great idea. He even asked West, “Do you want me to shoot your baby?”

Sherry did what she could to defend her young son, even acting as a shield against bullets. Her actions, though brave, were not able to save her son, who was ruthlessly gunned down by two thugs, shot right between the eyes.

What is the news concerned with here? They’re wondering why Antonio’s parents both had gunshot residue on them.

The forensics’ report states, “This supports the possibility that [Louis Santiago] discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge, or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR [gunshot residue].”

Wow, really? It appears as though the media is trying to find a way to shed suspicion on the father, who could have “discharged a firearm.” Think Susan Smith.

Look, there are only a few ways to have gunshot residue on your person. You handled a gun/ammo, you shot a gun, or you rubbed up against someone else who had gunshot residue on them.

According to Ms. West, Louis Santiago (Antonio’s father) blamed her for the child’s death. “West claims Santiago ‘went nuts’ in the months following their son’s murder and violated a [previous] restraining order…”

Sherry offers a logical account of how Santiago could have gotten gunshot residue on him. “West says it is plausible that she would have gunshot residue on her because she was, in fact, shot. She also says it may be possible that the baby’s father came into contact with the residue when he saw her at the hospital.”

Although neither the mother or father are considered suspects by police in the shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio, CBS News has little problem wondering aloud if the father was the one who actually pulled the trigger–and if two young blacks are being railroaded.

The alleged killer – De’Marquise Elkins, 17 – was with a 14-year-old black male on March 22, 2013 when the killing took place. From what I can see, it looks like the media has not had the chance to edit his mug shot to make him appear more angelic (as was done with Trayvon Martin’s.)

Originally, Elkin’s aunt and his mother told investigators that Elkins could not have killed Antonio since he had been home eating breakfast. Eventually, they led the police to a small pond where a .22 caliber handgun was located. Both women have been arrested for lying to authorities and tampering with evidence.

There are also the questions created by Sherry West’s own daughter, who believes that West killed Antonio for the insurance money. Nothing has come of this, though, and evidence points to Elkins as the shooter.

I have not heard a word from Al Sharpton or even Mr. Obama. I guess if Mr. Obama had a son, he would not look like Antonio Santiago. Wonder if that son would look like De’Marquise Elkins? Just asking…

With respect to the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman tragedy, once the verdict came in, race-baiters wasted no time in demanding the DOJ look into things ,and Martin’s parents want the Obama administration to find out what happened with a fine tooth comb. These people believe that Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated.

What about Antonio Santiago? What about his life and his civil rights? Why has no one decried the truly cold-blooded murder of 13-month-old Antonio? Why is everyone crying about Trayvon’s killing that was done in self-defense? It’s clear from the trial that Martin sucker-punched Zimmerman, knocking him down and breaking his nose, then jumped on top of him to bash his head into concrete. Martin had a fighting chance from a fight he actually started.

What did Antonio Santiago do to deserve what two racist black thugs rained down upon him and his mother that day? Imagine what would be playing out in the media now if two white trash boys came upon a young black mother and her child and shot him in cold blood. Imagine what we would be hearing and seeing based on that tragedy. Imagine the violent protests we would all have to endure.

It would be another situation in which Al Sharpton would insert himself, using all the racial vitriol and rhetoric he could muster. The media would dutifully support him. Eric Holder would announce the need for an investigation into any civil rights violations.

Instead, we get the media trying to imply that maybe Antonio’s dad did it. Maybe this is just another case of racism against two angelic black youths unfairly portrayed as individuals without a conscience.

The lies need to stop. The coddling of blacks and other minorities needs to end. True justice needs to prevail. I’m not talking about politically correct emotional virtue. I’m talking about true justice, the kind that metes out punishment based on the crime, not the color of a person’s skin.

What happened to Trayvon Martin was tragic, yet Martin could have walked away before he chose to change things. Instead, his machismo and bigotry pushed him toward his own death. Martin made the decision to get involved instead of walking away.

Antonio Santiago was out for a stroll with no awareness of racial tension. He did nothing wrong. Yet, he came face to face with two thugs who thought that it would be fun to kill him. Such is life…and death in the black subculture. It will continue as long as apologists continue to defend their murderous actions.

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