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We Have Solutions to the Problem

Welfare reform is necessary for the financial and social security of our country. When welfare was created, it was meant to be a temporary measure to help people get back on their feet. For example, children whose father was the victim of a wrongful death case involving a motorcycle accident would receive welfare only while the mother was looking for a job. However, the system is clearly not working like it should.

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There are a number of ways we could solve the welfare problem. In March, Mississippi enacted a bill that required drug testing for all welfare recipients. Georgia said it would do the same at the end of April. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has also proposed a massive reform to the system. He recently published a 204-page criticism of the government’s anti-poverty programs. He covered around 100 federal programs and found they often trapped people in poverty instead of helping them out of it in the long run. Ryan has proposed drastic cuts to these programs.

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