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Preface:  An entertaining bedtime story providing some fundamental lessons of life for your children, such as work ethic, honesty, responsibility, and simple business principles.  Ages recommended:  6-10.


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Once upon a time there was a fine young boy named Andy Workman who lived with his parents in Freedomville, a small town with a school, a library, a fire station, a police department, and many stores.  In Freedomville, everyone was given an equal chance to work and live as they wanted to.

Andy was proud of his school. His teachers thought he was special as he learned his lessons quickly, studied at night, and always completed his homework on time.  He also loved to read and went to the library regularly or visited the local book store.  He was fond of books about adventure, travel to foreign lands, and humor.  His favorite books though were about mechanics and how to build or fix things.

Andy’s parents thought he was special too.  Although they didn’t have much, they were proud of their small home and kept it clean.  Everyone worked hard around the house.  Andy’s job was to mow the lawn and sweep the garage.  Even though Andy was only eleven, he did a very good job.  So much so, his father would give him a small weekly allowance which Andy would save.

The neighbors were so impressed by how Andy mowed his father’s lawn that one-by-one they began to hire him to mow their lawns as well.  Andy worked hard and did a good job which impressed the neighbors.  He would never let them down and the neighbors paid Andy for his hard work which he would save with his allowance.

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One day, Andy’s Dad asked him, “What are you going to do with all your money?”

“I’m thinking of a couple of things Dad; first, I want to buy a new bicycle to ride to school. And I want to buy Mister Smithers’ old lawn mower which I want to fix up.”

“But then you’ll have two lawn mowers,” Andy’s Dad said, “You cannot push two mowers can you?”

“That’s right.  My friend Tommy is going to work with me and we’ll be able to mow more lawns and make more money.”

So, Andy bought his new bike and the old lawn mower which he fixed up.

Shortly thereafter, Andy and his friend Tommy were mowing all of the lawns on his block and earned a lot of money for their efforts.  Andy saved his money but occasionally would buy a book to read.

Andy’s new bike was big, shiny and fast.  Everyone at school liked it, including Sammy Servant, the bully of the class.  Sammy was bigger than Andy and he would scare a lot of kids. He would often demand lunch money from the other kids for his cousin, Harry Havenot, a lazy thug who was smaller than Sammy and not very smart.

When Sammy spotted the new bike, he called Andy over to him.

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