Weiner’s gone now we need answers from Hillary: what did she know about Huma and when did she know?


When Anthony Weiner resigned few observers over 12 years old believed he was doing so because it was “the right thing to do” as taught to him by his typical liberal Democrat parents. Liberal Democrats are not hard wired to do things for any greater good save for that of the Democrat Party.

Those who watched his “pro forma” apology and resignation last week suspected there was more to the story and he was falling on his sword to hide something. That something now seems to be emerging and it is more hideous and alarming than we could have imagined: Weiner’s Muslim wife comes from a family of active members of the Muslim Brotherhood!

Weiners’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law are members of an Islamist terror group. These facts beg many gut wrenching questions: How long has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton known her chief adviser is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood?

What “advice” has Hillary gotten from her Muslim Sisterhood member in residence?     Did Huma Abedin use her influence on Hillary to have her recommend that America join in the effort to topple Gaddafi?

N.B. In Egypt’s September Parliamentary elections the Muslim Brotherhood will take over Egypt. They will then have a modern army air force and a seat in the United Nations. 4) With a beaten and destroyed Libya next door they can march in and take what is left of Gaddafi’s reported 143 tons of gold! When that happens all of the necessary components for a military strike on Israel will be in place.

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