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We Predicted the African American backlash against Obama on Gay Marriage endorsement


A 10/22 Survey USA poll of Ohio voters shows Barack Obama laying claim to just 70% of the black vote heading into the November 6th election while Mitt Romney earns a surprising 22%. Obama collected a 95% share of a record black turnout in 2008.

And Coach is Right predicted Obama’s problem with black voters 5 months ago! In a May 29th piece, Coach Kevin Collins noted that “black pastors reacted with strong condemnation” to Obama’s ill-advised support of Gay Marriage! And that condemnation in the pulpit translated into condemnation by black voters at the primary polls. Just 24 hours after he endorsed gay marriage, Obama was embarrassed by West Virginia voters as a federal inmate in Texas got 41% of the primary vote.

In Arkansas, Obama beat unknown challenger John Wolfe by the anemic margin of 58-42. And as Coach observed, the “…significantly black counties did not turn out to support Barack Obama.” In fact, “in ten counties with Black populations between 19% and 41%, Obama actually lost 38-62.”

In the Kentucky primary, 42% of voters selected “uncommitted”, and 57.9% chose Obama. In a pathetic attempt to help the president save face, New York Magazine wrote “…Barack Obama managed a commanding 57.9 percent of the vote…” An equally “commanding” performance on Election Day will mercifully end Obama’s career.

“African American opposition to Gay marriage is at 62-28,” wrote Coach Collins just days after Barack Obama reversed course by announcing his support. Obama’s accomplices in the mainstream media sought to dismiss the notion that The One might regret this slap in the face to his black base.

But Coach is Right called the result of Obama’s ill-advised advocacy right on the money, right from the beginning.

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