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We now have a “Comeback Team” to save America


Do we ever make the best choices to build and serve a great nation?

A dollar given is a dollar received by the one in need, yet;

It costs $1.20 in donations to deliver $1 in services;

It costs $2 in state taxes to deliver $1 in services; and

It costs $4 in federal taxes to deliver $1 in services.

Plain talk on simple economics, from the National Association of Life Underwriters, explains why big government isn’t always a great idea. The closer to the point of need, the better and the more diverse the solutions – the American secret.

Vice-Presidential nominee Congressman Paul Ryan, as few do, fully understands the combined application of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity – the key to the USA’s past success. His fiscal genius tied to Mitt Romney’s business skills will lead the way back to prosperity to enrich people and serve the common good.

Subsidiarity is the opposite of entitlement. Solidarity is “e pluribus unum” and “In God we Trust” – not “us vs. them.” The Tea Party philosophy operates under chaos theory that even Alinskyite’s can’t cope with. It’s understandable in a free man’s daily pursuit of happiness, but lost on pundits and angry groupies of George Soros who always confuse Tea Party ideals.

We’ve got your back, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. “Progressives” are never going to love you. They hate the country because of the religious and moral values that keep it worth saving.

This is way past politics – age-old spiritual warfare whose lessons are seldom passed from one generation to the next. The Administration is warring against Jews and Christians and their myriad institutions of education and mercy. This same Administration is bent on one-world Sharia to fill the vacuum we’ve allowed to be created by yielding to political correctness.  We’re awake now and have a “Comeback Team” to save a nation too beautiful to lose.

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