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Another tragedy. I couldn’t turn on the TV news for days. I was sickened at the thought of what had happened. What would be the ramifications? I thought of the preparedness of our local schools. It could be much better, on multiple levels.

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When I finally relented and turned on the TV, I heard countless morons talking about how only principles have the ability to call for a lock down at schools, how classroom doors open the wrong way, and how the principles should have MP5’s issued to them.

Gun Control, the NRA, the Second Amendment, mental health and the degradation of social values have been passionately expressed in recent weeks by all sides. Solutions offered include tougher gun control laws, reviving the assault weapons ban and police officers in every school. I agree that we need more gun control, a lot more, but not what you might think.

We need a new federal law that licenses gun users. Such license would only be issued after substantial training and certification. This would be ground-breaking legislation, requiring a new thought process regarding a registry of permitted guns and gun owners. It would be voluntary, of course, but carry with it, significant responsibility.

This is an immediate solution to stop the gun violence in our society. The legislation that I am advocating for is the passage of a national right to carry. Permit holders would have the ability to carry a concealed weapon where ever they go, regardless of local laws or firearm free zones. Schools, universities, churches and other public places would no longer be targets for lunatics and evil acts. Imagine if a federal agency had the ability to screen, interview and train ordinary citizens to act in a manner and with means that could stop people.

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This new gun legislation would create a citizenry who is armed and allowed to carry arms wherever they go with the explicit purpose of protecting themselves and the public around them. It is a cornerstone argument for our Second Amendment, an armed citizenry.

We mostly have this today and generally it works well. When it works, it is not well publicized or well reported because the story generally goes against the national “all guns are bad” agenda. Most States have right-to-carry laws allowing private citizens to carry a concealed firearm and at times, and these firearms are used by citizens to stop or prevent crime. Most people that carry concealed weapons carry for their own protection and might be hesitant in acting for someone else’s behalf. Fear of prosecution or civil liability also contributes to the flaw of local carry rights. Am I in the right place? Am I going to be sued? Am I legal?

Without going into excessive detail, this would be how the program would basically work: Candidates would be screened and backgrounds meticulously evaluated. Testing would need to include substance abuse and a psychological exam. Training would include classroom time, range time and shoot/no-shoot scenarios. Lastly, certification would be based on the ability to demonstrate knowledge proficiency and of course being able to hit what you are shooting at—that’s right, range qualification.

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