Watch the Eligibility Proceedings Against Barack Hussein Obama Live



Mark your calendars: On January 26, 2012, The Honorable Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America (for now), is due to appear in court to explain himself to the American People. All eyes and ears will be focused on an Atlanta Courtroom this Friday to see if President Obama will appear as a private citizen and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is eligible to appear on the 2012 Presidential state ballot, as compelled by subpoenas issued by my hero  Administrative Judge Michael Malihi.

It is important to note that, despite public opinion, Obama’s eligibility to be President has never been heard on merit in any court of law.

Our friends at the Article II Super PAC, committed to exposing the myth that Obama is a “natural born citizen,” will be providing complete “gavel to gavel” live video coverage from the 3 ballot challenge hearings. You can catch the proceedings beginning at 9 am Eastern Standard Time at


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