Watch sparks fly! Michael Savage in Playboy


When Michael Savage, a top radio talker known for his bold, uncompromising and “right-wing” commentary, spends 16 hours being interviewed for the left-leaning Playboy magazine, sparks are going to fly.

Playboy Contributing Editor David Hochman fired the first shot in an 8,000-word article for the June 2010 issue that leaves no holds barred:

“I can’t remember a more difficult interview,” Hochman writes in introduction of his subject. “Savage was a fine host, but his opinions are extreme to the point of being poison. Much of the time I hated him. He’s maddeningly bullheaded and closed-minded.”

And after enduring a string of questions picking apart Savage’s on-air comments and accusing the host of being angry, rabid, xenophobic and irresponsible, the nation’s No. 4-rated talker finally fired back:

“That’s the sort of bulls— question I would expect from liberal vermin media,” Savage said when accused of condoning the murder of Muslims. “People love to twist what I say, take it out of context, make me a monster.”

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