WATCH: Liberal Media Freaks Out Over Obama Collapse


It’s your fault America, not Obama’s

So, if you watched Red Eye last night, you heard us mentioning a poll, reporting that roughly six out of ten Americans have lost faith in our Commander in Chief.

Here’s liberal radio host Bill Press explaining that result.

And that’s the left, in a nutshell: “When our stupid ideas fail, it’s not our fault, it’s yours.”

Or: it’s not Obama, it’s you.

Yes, damn you America for expecting competence from your leaders! Damn you America for not embracing 10 percent unemployment! Damn you America for speaking your mind about health care, when you should have just shut up! And damn you America for being so hard on our Adorable-in-chief!

This kills me, because if you know Bill Press, you remember no one was more vile to President Bush than that dude. Being too critical, too negative and too quick to judge? That’s Press’s career in ten words.

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New Liberal Spin on Why Voters May Vote for GOP in Midterm: They’re ‘Schizophrenic’

Here’s the new spin on why voters may be about to vote for the GOP in the Midterm Election – They are “Schizophrenic.” So says Newsweek’s Ezra Klein to a man who ought to know about such things – MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

Klein argues that we have a “schizophrenic voter population” right now who supposedly trust Democrats more on issues but are going to vote for the GOP in the fall.

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