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Watch: In Just 3 Words This Border Patrol Agent Admits Something That Could Have Obama Enraged

"I asked the question and got the truth!"


A truck driver was rolling through the border’s security checkpoint in Texas when he caught this refreshingly honest conversation with his iCam glasses.

In the description of his clip on YouTube, he said, “I asked the question and got the truth!”

Border Patrol Agent: How you doing? U.S. Border Patrol. How many people on board?

Travis Pope: Me

Border Patrol Agent: U.S. citizen?

Travis Pope: Yeah, but does it really matter?

Border Patrol Agent: Not anymore, unfortunately. Thank you.

He shared his experience on his Twitter account too:

It’s a sad day when our nation’s border patrol can no longer be concerned about people’s citizenship as they enter the U.S. What has our beloved country come to?


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