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Lopez is a former career CIA case officer and expert on the Middle East. Yet here is Milbank trying to make her look like some kind of yahoo. But one doesn’t have to dig too deep to discover who the real yahoo is.

Milbank’s trump card was Ahmed. It was almost certainly a setup. Milbank found an activist he knew could play her part well. She feigned a humble, meek, ignorant college student who made a single observation and became the “victim,” whose harsh treatment Milbank could then excoriate, while discrediting a panel of distinguished experts that included Gabriel, Lopez, Andrew McCarthy—who prosecuted the case against the Blind Sheikh, the World Trade Center bombing mastermind—and many others.

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Even Politico’s Dylan Byers and CNN’s Jake Tapper are calling foul:



Meanwhile, the pink elephant in the room was the massive intelligence, military, foreign policy, and leadership failure that Benghazi represents for the Obama administration (and by extension, the absolutely inexcusable incompetence—or worse—of Hillary Clinton’s State Department.)

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Like most of the Democrats’ media shills, Dana Milbank lies quite well; but they are lies nonetheless. We are well advised to recognize them as such. Hillary Clinton should not be allowed anywhere near the White House. She, along with Obama and many other Democrats, should instead find themselves under the microscope in a serious criminal investigation. I won’t hold my breath, however.


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