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Was Philly Ground Zero for Voter Fraud Within the Obama 2008 Campaign? Part 2


The second part of our video series where we explore how the Obama campaign stuffed the ballots in Philadelphia, as revealed in the Stratfor WikiLeaks email dump last week.

We expand on our discussion and address one of the major problems of how exactly the Obama camp stuffed ballots when most voting is done with electronic voting machines. We found that many precincts had voting machines that malfunctioned, whereby emergency ballots were used in lieu of the machines. If the malfunctions were orchestrated, then, once the emergency ballots were turned in, they could then be altered and/or replaced with a fraudulent ballot for Obama. Of course the problem then becomes, how did the Obama camp instigate polling workers to commit fraud? Obama Files has exclusively discovered something that would make this not only quite easy, but likely.

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