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Was Fast and Furious Meant to Flood America with Illegal Immigrants?


by Doug Book

We may never know all the actors and angles that played a part in the ATF’s Fast and Furious racket, but one thing is certain: The reach of this lurid administration’s scheme may extend beyond anything imagined by the most dedicated conspiracy theorist.

And now, along with its primary goal of undermining the Second Amendment, a conservative blogger has advanced another possible rationale for running guns into Mexico. “Bridgit” at Hillbuzz theorizes that thousands of weapons were shipped across the border in order to escalate the Mexican drug wars,  thereby making it “easier for illegal immigrants to seek asylum.”

(See Jan Ting’s article in today’s issue of Floyd Reports to discover the ease with which illegal immigrants lie their way into citizenship.)

The ATF, through Fast and Furious, shipped “roughly 2,000” firearms across the border, where tens of thousands of Mexicans have been killed in drug wars. At least some of their deaths can be blamed on these weapons.

As illegals stream into the U.S., what better way for Obama to confer refugee status upon them than to portray the Mexican homeland as unsafe thanks to “weak American gun laws”?

By sheer coincidence, this June Senator Patrick Leahy and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren reintroduced the Refugee Protection Act, which Leahy has offered for more than a decade. Among its principle provisions:

  • Asylum seekers no longer need to make their claim within one year of entry into this country;
  • Claims can be filed without persecution being, in Leahy’s words, “socially visible”;
  • Prohibitions against immigrants who provided “material support for terrorism” are lightened;
  • Free counsel will be provided to assist the claimant; and
  • Refugees will receive a  “settlement grant,” complete with annual cost of living adjustments to keep pace with inflation.

In short, illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for years can file for asylum, get free legal assistance without proving their stories of government persecution, and receive cushy taxpayer-funded benefits with built-in cost of living increases — all before becoming legal permanent residents or, occasionally, naturalized, voting citizens.

With enough sympathy generated by Democrats and the media, calls for a new and improved DREAM Act would reverberate around the nation.

How many Republicans would stand firm against a “common sense path to citizenship” in the face of mounting media pressure, especially with the United States deemed responsible for Mexico’s violent drug culture?

Thanks to a few courageous ATF whistleblowers, none of this should come to pass.

We may never know if a new road to immigration reform was a principle purpose of the “Project Gunrunner” scheme. But the last two years have taught us that Barack Obama and his administration are certainly capable of using government agencies for criminal purposes.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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