Was Allah Originally a Babylonian God of Violence?


One of the first tales told to American students about Islam is that Allah, the Muslim God, is the same as Yahweh in the Bible.

It’s something I never bought into even when I was a young and naive religious studies student in college. I suppose my childhood passion for medieval literature and the Crusades had inoculated me against the most egregious fantasies of Muslim propagandists. Plus, Islam is just too different from biblical religion for the alleged connection to be reasonable.

Consequently, there was never a satisfactory answer for the origin of the God of Mohammed, who seemed to just spring out of the mountain cave with Mohammed’s visions and co-opt and rewrite the stories of the Bible, creating a perverted version of Judeo-Christian beliefs that calls on Muslims to convert or destroy the entire world.

Author Theodore Shoebat has an interesting theory, however, and like most “a-ha!” moments, it was hiding in plain sight, apparently ignored or kept under wraps by scholars.

Shoebat traces the earliest mention of Allah worship to Babylon, approximately 1700 B.C., in the “Epic of Atrahasis.”

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