Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey Creative Commons

The Washington Post, which features the motto “An independent newspaper” at the top of its editorial page, endorsed Democratic candidates in 25 of 29 races for the November 3 elections in Virginia. In addition to supporting the Democrats running for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, the paper on Friday, Saturday and Sunday weighed in on the state’s House of Delegates races and picked 22 Democrats and only four Republicans.

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The Post, which for months has been attacking Bob McDonnell, the GOP’s nominee for governor, also relied on very personal, angry attacks against most of the Republicans in the House of Delegates races. On October 23, the paper editorialized that Delegate Bob Marshall is “the author of off-the-wall legislative antics that even members of his own Republican Party regard as clownish.” [Emphasis added.]

His opponent, meanwhile, is a “sober, sane Democrat.” On October 25, the paper’s editorial page also deemed Chuck Caputo to be a “sober, sane Democrat” and complimented fellow party member Mark L. Keam as a “thoughtful, serious community activist.”

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Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey Creative Commons

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