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Voters turned off by obscene Obama ads


As this contentious presidential campaign drags on, with momentum shifting further toward Mitt Romney each day, Democrats are showing their desperation through the most infantile, profane political campaign of our lives.

Since Romney secured the GOP nomination, Obama and his surrogates immediately went negative and never returned.

Even in Obama’s own words, this is the sign of a campaign without a record on which to run.

In early August, when conventional wisdom suggested Obama was the favorite to win, a super-PAC posted an ad on the president’s behalf misleadingly linking Romney to a woman’s death.

When that ad backfired and the Romney campaign began gaining traction on the heels of expert debate performances by both names on the ticket, the left doubled down on the negative ad campaign with a vulgar online commercial.

An actress best known for eating cake naked on a toilet took the time to tell America’s youth that voting for Obama is like losing their virginity.

When the ad surfaced, many considered it the most tasteless presidential ad ever.

That was until Michael Moore got involved.

In a collaborative effort with MoveOn, Moore assembled a group of elderly persons to deliver a profanity-laced tirade against Romney voters. Perhaps in a case of psychological projection, the spot focuses heavily on voter fraud among Republicans. The ad prominently features three individuals, beginning with a 97-year-old woman who threatens to “burn this mother[expletive deleted] down” if Romney wins.

A second woman vows to “[expletive deleted] punch” Romney “right in the nut sack.”

Not to be outdone, an octogenarian said he would posthumously spy on nonvoters during sex “every time, no matter how kinky.”

Reliance on shock and profanity to elicit a response is a sure sign of unpreparedness. Worse still for the left, the predominant response to these ads has been a increased embrace of Romney, whose campaign is based on the issues concerning mainstream America.

Sure, Obama can rely on his hardcore base for support. Those who believe the ultimate in liberty is free condoms will likely cast a vote in his favor as will the majority of those who see little difference between earning a paycheck and receiving a welfare check.

In fact, I’m sure the constant barrage of negative ads from the Obama camp actually please many in his base. After all, Michael Moore somehow gets people to pay money to watch his propagandistic movies.

For all his Alinsky-inspired tactics, though, he was unable to brainwash a majority of this nation’s citizens. Patriots in every state are showing their distaste for a Democrat Party that panders to the prurient interests of the dependent class.

In less than a week, I believe four years of abysmal policy and a utterly sickening re-election campaign will come together to issue one of the most decisive Republican wins in American history.

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