As the economy slips into unprecedented territory, Barack Obama’s refusal to take responsibility for his actions have warn Americans’ patience beyond the breaking point. After S&P downgraded the nation’s credit rating Friday evening. a small businesswoman sent the president an unmistakable message: quit blaming everyone else and apologize to the American people for your abject failure in leadership. Amilya Antonetti, CEO of AMA Productions, told Neil Cavuto the president should only say one thing to the nation this morning: “I apologize, because I did not lead this country to success.” She echoed this author’s contention that Obama is an historic president, but not for the reasons people think. “He’s not gonna be known as the first black president,” she said. “He’s gonna be known as the president who had a downgrade.” Yes, the U.S. credit downgrade is another historic Obama first. Leaders lead; Obama ducks-and-covers. Watch her powerful rebuke here:

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