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Video: Pat Downs, Scanners Come to Bus Stations


Sexual harrassment: It’s not just for airports anymore!

The federal government is rolling out metal detectors, TSA-style pat downs, and scanners for bus terminals across these United States. Federal inspectors have expanded their reach beyond terrorist paraphernalia to look for “immigration violators” (allegedly) and anyone traveling with a large sum of cash. (The Obama administration presumably wants to identify immigration violators so it can fast-track them to citizenship and grant them voting rights.) The government’s, err, deeper reach lends support to those who believe the TSA scanners are only the beginning of the government’s massive invasion of privacy against law-abiding citizens.

Greyhound patrons will not regularly be subjected to this treatment every time they travel. According to the agent quoted in the video below, this is a test case that will reoccur, without warning, as the feds deem necessary. Apparently, the gropings will continue until morale improves….

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)


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