Video: Obama shows his passport!

Check out the West Wing Week on the White House website.

Play the video and you will not only get to see Barack Obama greeting new Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan in the Oval Office with some small talk, but, if you stay tuned for the mailbag segment, you’ll get to see one of those personal Obama documents you’ve always wondered about.
No, it’s not his birth certificate.
It’s his passport.
Now, why do you suppose the White House is eager to show off Obama’s passport and explain he really does get it stamped when he goes from country to country – just like ordinary Americans?
I strongly suspect it represents a chance for him to show off what it says inside the document – that he was born in Hawaii in 1961.
With the latest poll showing 58 percent of Americans not believing the president’s nativity story, I think this was a deliberate piece of government-sponsored propaganda.

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