The White House Watch

Yesterday, we noted how an Occupy Wall Street protester put her four-year-old son on the train tracks as a protest. Now, one of the president’s staunchest defenders says they are just like Jesus. Standing outside one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Christendom, the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson told Occupy London, “Jesus was an Occupier.”

Rev. Racemonger told the crowds: “Jesus was an Occupier, born under a death warrant, a Jew by religion, born in poverty under Roman occupation. Gandhi was an Occupier, Martin Luther King was an Occupier, [Nelson] Mandela was an Occupier.”

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He added, “If Dr. King was here today, he’d be occupying. Occupying is a just cause, a moral cause.”

Sadly, he’s probably right about MLK.

(Story continues following video.)

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Meanwhile, the owners of Zuccotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street encamped, have banned a concert to thank police and firemen. Brookfield Properties, which owns the park, rejected the group Madison Rising’s application to hold a “Take Back Wall Street” concert. Their manager described the canceled concert as “pro-American and pro-capitalist,” an opportunity to say “thank you to the firemen for all you’ve put up with, thank you to the police for all you’ve put up with.”

Obama family values in action again.