I am often amazed at how long construction projects take in America. When the Washington State Department of Transportation rebuilt the interchange at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Highway 16, I was forced to drive through a construction zone for years.

American ingenuity fought and won World War II in four years; why does it now take four years to build a highway interchange? In WWII we built factories, airports, ports, and military bases across the globe.

I learned why when I was tasked with building the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara. The regulatory and inspection regime was so bureaucratic and nonsensical that I realized it doubled the cost of construction and delayed any project, no matter how small, for years.

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Then today, I saw this video, and I lamented why can’t we do this here. The reason is simply government. In the following video you will see an amazing feat. Here is the explanation.

What can you accomplish in 360 hours?
The Chinese sustainable building company, Broad Group, has yet attempted another impossible feat, building a 30-story tall hotel prototype in 360 hours, after building a 15-story building in a week earlier in 2011.

You may ask, why in a hurry, and is it safe? The statistics in the video can put you in good faith. Prefabricated modular buildings have many advantages over conventional buildings.

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Higher precision in fabrication (+/- 0.2mm).
More coordinated on-site construction management.
Shorter construction time span.
Lower construction waste.
Also, many other health and energy features are included in Broad Sustainable Buildings (BSB)

The building was built over last Christmas time and finished before New Years Eve of 2012.

When I was done watching, I wanted to weep. I couldn’t help but think of the wonders we could see in America if it wasn’t for the jack booted thugs of government regulation.


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