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Video: Chris Matthews Calls Obama Birth Questions Racist


Chris Matthews trots out all the old lines intended to protect Obama from our questions. But I have to feel satisfaction, because clearly we are getting under their skin.

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Do I really have to go through all of this again?

1. The announcements in the newspapers are automatically generated when a parent(or grandparent) files via mail a notice of home birth in Hawaii. They prove only that someone sent in a postcard with no verification to the State of Hawaii claiming an at home birth. But Obama has been clear. He was born in a hospital. Sometimes they tell us Queens Hospital, sometimes they tell us Kapi’olani hospital, but they always say a hospital.

2. If you are born in a hospital there are records. It is called a long form birth certificate. Just release it and we go away. The form you show on camera Chris can be produced by hundreds of Hawaiians born in Japan for example. This form was routinely given to Hawaiian children born outside of the US. Hawaii didn’t even accept it a proof of native birth when Obama was elected.

3. Even if Obama is a US Citizen, it doesn’t mean he is a “Natural Born Citizen.” The US Constitution is clear, only citizens born on US territory can run for president. This is what keeps Arnold Schwarzenegger from running.

4. Finally, if he became an Indonesian citizen in the 1960’s he cannot be a US Citizen. The law doesn’t allow it. This is why his school records must be released. Did he get a scholarship as a foreign exchange student? What was his status when he traveled to Pakistan? Did he use a US passport?

The Founders considered this an important issue because they wanted to protect America from a president with dual allegiances. Only the presidency has these requirements. If Obama knew he wasn’t born here then he needs to go to prison for fraud. He needs to be impeached. He needs to end this constitutional crisis.

Chris you need to have your researchers put something better on your teleprompter if you want to rebut our arguments. The same old rehash that doesn’t answer the questions of citizenship just don’t cut it.

And calling us all racists is just getting boring.


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