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UPDATED: Opponent condemns WCJ For exposing Candidate’s Playboy pics


UPDATE: Matt Shea, Amy Biviano’s opponent, has responded by condemning the release of the information on his blog.  We’ve included his full response below.

UPDATE: At the bottom, we’ve included Biviano’s written response in full.

With accusations of lawbreaking, socialism, and intimidation, already in the air, it didn’t seem like the race for the 4th Legislative District could get any dirtier.

Now, it has.

A national conservative blog called the Western Center for Journalism has gone all the way back to 1995 to uncover an old “Women of the Ivy League” spread back in December, 1995 featuring Amy Nabors, District 4 candidate Amy Biviano’s maiden name.

Read more at The Pacific Northwest Inlander. By Daniel Walters.


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