Update On Holder and Oklahoma City Bombing


Yesterday we published a very controversial article by investigator Doug Book. The article actually came to us via our good friend Kevin “Coach” Collins and his blog Coachisright.com.

This morning Coach again defended the piece in this email.

This story has all the earmarks of being like Fast & Furious which was denied and laughed at at first.

CiR ran a story on Jan. 16 2011 about Brian Terry being left to die in the Arizona desert. At the time we got that information from a source on the ground and nobody else was saying it.

CiR was ignored and probably laughed at, yet here we are 11 month later and Terry’s being left to die is accepted fact and part of any honest narrative about Fast & Furious.

Why one source for our story was “pulled” is not an open and shut matter. Unfortunately in the country we now find ourselves living in we know for certain the news is censored and twisted to fit what the left wants it to say.

My sense of the story after reading all of it is that absent F&F and what we know about Holder today, it could seem crazy. But we can’t unring the F&F bell. Thanks to the hard work of lots of people we DO know what can of person Holder is and what he is capable of.

This will play out over the next few months and bet is it will seep out of the bag they are it stuffed in.

Last night Doug Book responded on Coachisright.com with this message:

I wrote this piece yesterday evening, basing its content on several items. The first was an article on the American Free Press. Although the link is above, the article is no longer available! In any event, the first 3 paragraphs of my piece in particular present the information found in that article. The quote from Jesse Trentadue was taken from the first link presented above: yasbybic, etc.

The connections between Jesse Trentadue, Holder and the Clinton DOJ, McVeigh, the OK City bombing and the soon-to-be heavily censored Newsweek article were all covered in the “examiner.com” link above. It helped support the information presented in the two articles I’ve already mentioned. The other links above provide some very informative background info.

With the sudden disappearance of the American Free Press link, Western–I assume–decided the piece was not sufficiently sourced and attributed for publication on their site. Though I made a copy of that American FP article, no site should remove a story in which it has confidence without some explanation of its actions. Apparently, American lost confidence in the article it had published.
Frankly, I have not lost confidence in the story. I had originally intended to write a short follow up for posting on CiR sometime Sat or Sun. But I hope to be posting something far sooner, drawing more in-depth connections between the Clinton Dept of Justice, Eric Holder, PATCON, Newsweek, Kenneth Trentadue’s death and the work of his brother Jesse–more in-depth than the info presented in the above piece.

It may well take a number of articles, but I believe there is a story here. The character and history of Eric Holder MAKE it believable.

I’ve included a link to a letter/fax sent to Sen Patrick Leahy by Jesse Trentadue in 2008 concerning the looming appointment of Holder to the post of Atty Gen by Obama. It is a VERY interesting read. Please take a look at it if you are able.

Here is the link to the document he references above:


Here are the other links he references above:






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