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Unprecedented opportunity for voter fraud in Ohio, Thanks To GOP


Why did Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State place the means of statewide voter fraud in the hands of the Democrat Party and the criminal, Obama machine?

By October 19th, 1.43 million Ohioans had requested absentee ballots for the November election. But for some obscure reason, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted mailed nearly 7 million absentee ballot applications to registered voters across the state, whether they had been requested or not!

According to Ohio law, absentee ballots must be requested no later than November 3rd and returned by November 5th, one day prior to the election. Those who do not return their ballot may still vote at the polls but must cast a provisional ballot. Of course, “that’s so officials may verify that they did not vote absentee and also show up at the polls.”

But those provisional ballots are not counted until at least November 17th, 11 days after Election Day!  As of October 20, only 618,861 of the 1.43 million absentee ballots requested had been returned. As these numbers are very likely to grow substantially (thanks to Sec. Husted’s extraordinary decision), an enormous number of provisional ballots may be cast on November 6th. And if the vote in the Buckeye State is as close as many predict, the nation could be kept waiting for nearly 2 weeks until a winner is determined.

But far more worrisome than any delay in calling the presidential election is the likelihood of voter fraud. For years, absentee ballots have represented the most frequently used and easiest method of stealing elections. And of course, stories of fraud which abound across the country almost always involve the Democrat Party.

A case in point: in Troy, New York, absentee ballot voter fraud was discovered and “…a bevy of Democratic politicians and political operatives were investigated and indicted…including the local elections commissioner.” They had set up a scheme of “…forging absentee ballots, without the real voters knowing about it, and then voting the fake ballots…”

Of course, Democrats are fond of assuring the American public that there IS no voter fraud! But Republican poll watchers had better be VERY cautious and VERY suspicious of every “new voter” and every request for a provisional ballot. And when absentee ballots are opened, none may be counted unless signatures match without question.

One or two stolen swing states may well give the election to Obama. And as we know, Democrats will have no compunction about committing the fraud necessary to accomplish just that. Republicans will have to shed their usual habit of “just wanting to get along.” For the future well-being of the nation may depend upon Republicans re-discovering their long-abandoned courage on this Election Day!

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