University Settles Out of Court After Expelling Christian Student


Julea Ward is a student was enrolled in the counseling program at Eastern Michigan University. As part of their training they conducted actual counseling sessions with real clients. When approached by patients who are homosexuals, Ward reassigned them to other counselors.

Ward is also a Christian who values her faith and biblical values and morals. When approached by homosexual patients who sought counseling for their sexuality, she knew that her Christian faith would prevent her from yielding impartial advice. To avoid compromising her faith and to ensure that the patient received the best possible counseling she assigned them to another counselor.

In professional counseling, counselors often find themselves in a situation where, for the benefit of the patient, they reassigned or referred a patient to another counselor. This is a common practice found nationwide.

However when Ward reassigned homosexuals seeking counseling concerning their sexuality, she was expelled from the counseling program as well as from the University. The University claimed that her actions violated the school’s policy on diversity and tolerance.

The Alliance Defending Freedom organization stepped in on Ward’s behalf and filed a lawsuit against the University. However before a verdict could be rendered, the University opted to settle the case out of court for a sum of money in what they said was done in the interest of saving the University the expense of a lengthy trial. In addition to the sum of money, unofficially reported to be $75,000, the school expunged her record and remove any reference of her being expelled.

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Photo Credit: John H. Wright (Creative Commons)


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