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Formerly known as Donald Warden, al-Mansour, an American, was a mentor of Black Panther founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in the early 1960s. He changed his name after studying Islam and learning Arabic. He is well known within the black community as a lawyer; an orthodox Muslim’ a black nationalist; and an outspoken enemy of Israel, the United States, and white people, in general. His writings and books are filled with anti-American rhetoric. Al-Mansour is a personal advisor to Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the world’s 19th wealthiest person, part-owner of News Corp (Fox News), and the individual who allegedly funded Obama’s Harvard education.

Obama’s apparent respect for and adherence to beliefs so divergent from America’s history and traditions raise questions concerning their influence on the formulation of his policies, whose effects appear to have had such a clearly negative impact on American society and national security.

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Stated simply, did we elect the enemy?

Is Obama’s current Middle East policy, for example, seemingly contrary to American interests, designed to inhibit Israel, bolster Hamas, and return the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt?

As bad as Obama might be for the country, he is only a manifestation or symptom of a deeper, more corrosive problem: our corrupt political-media culture.

If we had an honest federal government with an unbiased media, Obama would still be voting “present” in the Illinois state legislature.

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If Barack Obama is permitted to complete his term of office, it will be an endorsement of permanent political and media corruption in the United States.

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