Under Obama, America becoming Gomorrah


President Barrack Obama may have just been cornered with the recent pronouncement of Vice President Joe Biden on gay marriage issue, which Biden went ahead to declare his stance favoring gay marriage as a matter of human right. Obama, though, preempted Biden’s pronouncement, saying that he is on the same page with him, ready to make public his endorsement on same-sex marriage. His endorsement is one of unprecedented from a sitting president, which can be one of the most effective tool to get the votes from gays and human rights activists across the land.

While the beneficiaries of the said endorsement celebrate, the larger conservative populace and especially the Christian world and the Catholic Church must have been ignited with their might for moral defense against same sex marriage.

“The immorality issue of endorsing gay marriage might just become a stumbling block of Obama’s bid to get reelected in the mid-term elections,” says one admirer of Obama who has now considered of not voting him. “Obama cannot just take the heat of resisting the power of Sodom and Gomorrah of Old, which God had destroyed because of rampant of immorality and unrepentant hearts of gays and lesbians engaging in the sexual acts and worship.”

“Is that what he teaches his children?”

“He has just become the catalyst for the destruction of the moral society of America, to which we are called upon to uphold good values and not destruction of family tradition based on biblical principles that this great land of America is built with,” says Jackie Harris who claims to have mothered a gay but proud of her son being able to control his tendency to give-in to the sinful nature of engaging same sex and, worse, same sex marriage.

Harris continues: “Obama is such an abominable figure of America. His ideals do not match the wishes of the framers of the United States Constitution. He is simply a curse to the man’s foolishness. He is playing fire with Satan and his evil angels.”

Obama may have just been less truthful all along by not telling the public his clear stance on gay marriage issue. It’s like Biden got his on his head off-guard. And now Obama has no choice but to get in line with Biden’s pronouncement, or he would be endangered of not getting great number of support from the massive liberal segment of the Democratic Party.

Even then, Obama might just have fired up religious leaders of both the Muslim and Jewish communities to abandon support for his presidential bid for second term. They have been vocal of their stance against same sex marriage since the foundation of their faith and practices. But, same sectors have yet to comment on the same issue, as of this writing.

Meanwhile, the wide ranging protestants and Catholic faithfuls have been planning a comprehensive campaign not to support Obama’s candidacy and his campaign for same sex marriage all across the land, according to report from the Catholic’s elite circle here in the U.S.

“Obama’s conviction is simply not grounded with morality and fortitude that our society needs, most especially in this darkest hour of the U.S. history,” says one Catholic Bishop in California who prefers at this time not to make his name public until a public pronouncement is made by the higher authority of the mother church in the Vatican.

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