Under assault for liberal bias, Politico’s traffic dives


Internet traffic and Web search measurement tools from several sources indicate that despite massive promotion efforts on MSNBC and in other venues, is rapidly losing readers, especially outside of Washington, D.C.

Measurements of U.S. Web traffic provided to The Daily Caller by Compete, Inc. indicate that the number of total monthly visits to dropped by 31.8 percent during the 18-month period that ended on October 31.

During that same period, and perhaps not coincidentally, Politico has come under sustained criticism from many observers, including Fox News Channel anchors and several prominent radio hosts, for exhibiting liberal bias in its news stories.

Other third-party traffic measurements also indicate a recent traffic decline for Politico.

Yet a glowing review of the news outlet published Wednesday by the American Journalism Review, a project of the University of Maryland Foundation, claimed it “receives nearly 60 million pageviews per month from between 8 million and 11 million unique visitors.”

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