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So if we had intervened in direct opposition to international law, pilots and munitions officers may have been charged.

It’s all very backwards…

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The UN won’t protect Syria’s citizens, but it’s more than happy to ship illegal aliens into our borders (instead of making conditions better in the rogue countries.)

The complexity of international law – and the undemocratic way in which it comes into existence – is a grave threat to the freedom of all Americans. UN officials aren’t elected; in fact, many are appointed by dictators and tyrants who control the rogue states around the world.

And they’ve already threatened our borders, the way we uphold justice, and the way we protect innocent foreign civilians. In short, they threaten our very sovereignty.

The special freedoms we enjoy under the U.S. Constitution could soon be distant memories. When international law trumps American law, we all have a problem.

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This commentary originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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