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There seems to be little question among a majority of Americans that Barack Obama’s policies have made the nation less free and more dependent upon government. For the radical left, this might be seen as a positive trend; however, millions long for the days of abounding personal liberty and individual opportunity.

No matter one’s opinion of the change, studies throughout this administration have tracked the decline, culminating in the recent report indicating America is no longer among the world’s top ten nations for economic freedom.

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According to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, several factors were considered in the ranking, which places the U.S. at number 12 on the list after seven consecutive years of decline. While advancements in some foreign nations made the competition somewhat fiercer, much of the blame is placed squarely on the shoulders of leftists dedicated to reinventing the greatest nation on earth.

As other nations begin to mimic the policies that made America so free in the first place, leaders in this nation are simultaneously rebuking those values. A sharp uptick in social spending continues to put an undue strain on taxpayers as business owners struggle to comply with an ever-increasing list of government rules and regulations.

Six nations – Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Canada – make up the top tier of the list as the only entries to qualify as “economically free.”

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As for America, it is saddled with the designation “mostly free,” though many trying to muddle their way through the Obama economy might that contend even that label is overly optimistic.

While 43 of the 178 nations listed have made great strides toward freedom, attaining their highest ranking in the index’s 20 year history, America continues to flounder amid increased government intrusion.

America is certainly better off than most of the nations on the list; however, we should not be satisfied with comparing this land of liberty to the world’s most enslaved economies.

Although we are currently saddled with a president who does not believe America is more special than any other nation, a huge swath of the population vehemently disagrees with that position. The only way to reclaim the coveted freedom we are currently shedding is to decrease the role of a meddling government. This can only happen if enough voters see the need for change and cast their ballots accordingly.

–B. Christopher Agee

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