Tyranny vs. the Internet


For those who aspire to tyranny, those who seek to control and dictate to the people, to undermine and limit the people’s freedoms, to expand their own power at the expense of the people’s liberties — in a word, those whose ambitions and machinations cannot stand the light of day among a free people — an uncontrolled, free internet is an intolerable obstacle and threat. As surely a these ambitious people will work and are working to deprive the people of their firearms — the people’s ultimate means to resist government tyranny — they will work, they must work, to deprive them of the free flow of information. The free flow of information is essential to liberty. The power to control and limit the flow of information is essential to tyranny.

The Chinese government’s efforts to control their people’s access to information via the internet are well-known. Now the British Parliament, under cloak of darkness, have passed an internet censorship bill.

In the U.S., the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 is working its way through Congress. An Electronic Frontier Foundation commentary on the bill makes the following observation:

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