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Two new polls deliver serious bad news to Obama’s campaign


Two new polls have caught Barack Obama and the Democrats in a crossfire. A USA Today/Gallup survey of both national voter sentiment and the views of registered voters in 12 states identified as “battlegrounds” paints a bleak picture for Obama. When asked the “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” question, made famous by Ronald Reagan during his 1980 campaign against Democrat Jimmy Carter, respondents in the important “swing states”  told Gallup they were NOT better off by a wide 56/40 margin.

The national response to this question was only slightly better for Obama as registered voters said they were NOT better off by a 55/42 margin. Gallup’s accompanying report added: “While that question has been posed only episodically, when other recent presidents were seeking re-election, the current finding is the WORST IT’S BEEN when it was asked.”

But Gallup did provided Obama a straw to grab on to.  The survey reported that Obama is actually ahead by a 47/44 margin in the “swing states” with Mitt Romney leading in the other 38 states by a 47/45 margin.

In other words, the people who are the MOST unhappy with their condition after four years of Obama want to re-elect him, but those who are less unhappy with what Obama has done to them, after four years, want to vote him out. And we are supposed to believe this.

A second less scientific survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation asked 3,130 American Adults about their feelings toward living under a larger federal government and dealing with government regulation of their everyday lives.  By a 55/40 margin, the respondents want smaller government and fewer regulations.

In what must be an ominous sign for Obama, only 25% the respondents were Republicans. Following the usual media over-sampling of Democrats, they made up 34% (as did those self-identifying as Independents.)

Both the “swing state” and the national respondents made it clear they do not want more government regulation as shown by their 60% agreement to the statement, “.. Government controls too much of our daily lives.”  Provided Romney and Ryan can force the conversation back to Obama’s failure, these facts will be very helpful in defeating him.

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