(The following is a parody of  T’was the night before Christmas)


T’was a night in America, and all through the house,

one creature was stirring; it’s John Boehner the louse.

Common sense was hung out to dry without care,

Conservative ideas not allowed to be there.

Boehner with his kerchief, Barack with his rap

will be sitting down, while the press takes a nap.

When out in the driveway, there rose such a clatter

John sprung from his chair to see what’s the matter.

To what to his wondering eyes should appear,

But the limo of POTUS, Obama with beer.

Barack so conceited, Boehner in fear,

they had to discuss the cliff that was near.

The death of America, that’s what we need

No, you can’t kill the people, who our founders have freed.

Fighting and clawing, Boehner did cry

Barack said it’s finished; I guess I’ll get high.

Obama proclaimed, as he drove out of sight,


Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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