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Turning “The World Upside Down” Once Again With A Gingrich Victory


The British and their colonial quislings once mocked American patriots with their song “The world turned upside down.” In the First American Revolutionary War, we stuffed their smug arrogance down their throats and turned THEIR world upside down by defeating them at Yorktown.

Now, as the patriots of today, we have to fight a Second American Revolution and turn Barack Obama and his quisling Republicans’ world “upside down” by electing Newt Gingrich.

In the first Revolution, only a third of us were willing to fight for our freedoms. Our enemies were the British, and about a third of our fellow colonists were quislings and wanted to win favor with the British oppressors.  The remaining third hid in their basements waiting to see which flag to come up waving.

Today, as we fight the Second American Revolutionary War, we have a similar division among us. We of the TEA party movement are the one third who is determined to fight rather than watch our country slip away. We have to fight the Democrats and the quislings of the Republican establishment who are trying every underhanded trick to force Willard Romney (a Democrat collaborator) on us. The lazy core of Obama’s supporters are not exactly waiting to wave our flag when we win, but they are savvy enough to  know the Democrats who insist a Republican government will take away their social security food stamps and welfare checks are lying, so voting is not a top priority for them.

For today’s quisling Republican establishment, a Gingrich win in our primaries means that he will win in November and “..turned THEIR world upside down.”

Since 2010, we have been fighting the Second American Revolutionary War.  We have beaten the Democrats and now we must beat their quisling Tory allies in the Republican establishment.  It is time for us to fight our way past today’s Benedict Arnolds.  It is time for us complete the job and “Turn THEIR world upside down.”

Support Newt Gingrich. Pray for Newt Gingrich. He is our George Washington. Remember, if Willard wins tomorrow this is NOT over, but if Gingrich wins it is over.

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